Free Embeddable Games for your website

Welcome to, the best page with many embed flash games which you can use free for your own website. The way to use the flash games in your own site or blog is the most easiest and understandable for everyone. The best thing is that you do not have to sign in or to pay anything to play and use these games on your site, that is a big plus for owners and users.

What exactly are embeddable games? These games are a sort of games which can be add to each website without much work. The games had their own HTML code and you have just to copy them in your own website and if you do it properly you and others can play the game on your site. On this site and many others of this type the embed code is visible bellow the game so you can see him always and have just to select and copy it. You should take care to do not change anything in the code of the embed games otherwise the game will not work properly on your site. So if you want to upgrade your blog or website embed flash games are the best choice.